Work in Wood by William Guba & Associates

Bill Guba started this business when he moved to California over 25 years ago. His interest in woodworking and design led him to obtain an MFA from the Pratt Institute, a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, and to spend five years working with master model maker Robert Zackarian. Together with our shop foreman Miguel Mendoza and a dedicated staff, he has built cabinets for hundreds of satisfied clients.


Our shop has completed a wide variety of projects from the modern, European slab style with Salice-European hinges to the traditional look of full-inset, full-face frame doors with olive-knuckle butt hinges. We use formaldehyde-free veneer core for carcass construction, and for exteriors we work with everything from solid wood to exotic veneers.

We strive to create the highest quality and most beautiful products so that they can be enjoyed now and for generations to come. Please open our portfolio to see some examples of our work.